Current Members

Gerard Funk, Vice President/Architectural Committee

I am seeking to become a candidate for the Board of Directors with the  Pine Meadows Homeowners Association.  The following is my experience with Community, City Council Districts, Neighborhood Oraganizations and County Covernment.

I was a Police Officer with the City of Phoenix Police Department for 26 years serving in Patrol, Vice Detectives, Motors and Community Relations as well as being a Community Action Officer for District 6 in North Phoenix. As a Community Action Officer, I worked directly with the City of Phoenix Mayor and Council District 4. My area of concern was the Sunnyslope Community.  I worked on community problems that were reported to the Police Department and City Council as well as special projects unit involving blight, neighborhood disputes and crime in the area.  I was also requested several times to work on problems in other council districts as well.

I retired from the City of Phoenix Police Department and immediately started work for John C. Lincoln Health Network, a non-profit hospital in North Phoenix. I was an Assistant Director for the Community Development Department.  Just as a doctor would care for the health and welfare of a particular individual, I would care for the health and welfare of the communities surrounding the two hospitals and 800 properties owned by John C. Lincoln.  This involved meetings with community groups, City of Phoenix Council along with helping the City of Phoenix Neighborhood Development Department and local CDC (Sunnyslope Village Revitalization) with blighted properties.  This is where we would demolish problem properties and build new houses where slums and crime controlled the area for years, thus returning the area to a healthyand vital part of the community.

While working for JCL, I was appointed by the Mayor of the City of Phoenix to the Deer Valley Village Planning and Zoning Committee.  There we would review and vote on property zoning changes as well as road and major construction projects along with construction of new homes for the Deer Valley Area.  These duties were in addition to the work I did for JCL hospital.  I served on this committee for 2 years.

After leaving JCL, I returned to Police work and joined the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office working there for 15 years.  As a Duputy Sheriff, I worked patrol and Community Relations Department.  I tested and was appointed to the rank of Sergeant assigned to Patrol District 2  This district included the entire South West Area of Maricopa County.  I was assigned as administrative Sgt. to the District.  My duties included maintenance of the tree district stations located in Avondale, Gila Bend and Litchfield Park.  I worked on major projects at those facilities which included new cooling towers and an air conditioner for District 2 main building located in Avondale.  There I also supervised the install of a major fueling station located to the rear of the property.  This project required working with the City of Avondale, the Avondale Fire Department and the Maricopa County Environmental Control department.  In Gila Bend I was assigned as project manager for the reconstruction of the jail and sally port.  I would also attend community meetings again working on problems within the district communities, small cities, and school districts, involving crime and blight in the area.  I served in Law Enforcement for 40 years before retiring, and moving to Overgaard.

With my experience, with the Community Organizations, Crime, Zoning, Blight and Major Contruction Projects, I feel that I would be an asset to the homeowners association and our community.  So I would like to be considered for a Board position.  I feel that I would be able to reprosent our community with a fair and open minded approach considering what is best for the people of our association.