Current Members

Joe Studnek, Board Member, Compliance Committee

 I am  asking to be placed on the ballot  for candidate  for board of Directors for Pine  Meadows HOA. I  own the home  at  2240 Fairway Drive, Overgaard, AZ 85240. My family  purchased the home in 2019.  I  am an Arizona resident, and send  much time throughout the  year  at  this  home. I frequently am at this house  during  every month of the year and have  enjoyed this community and appreciate  being a part time resident of it.  I am a retired   school teacher, and  value the  rural  mountain lifestyle  that makes  our community outstanding and a pleasure to  have property in. I  enjoy  meeting others  and  insuring the  quality of the HOA  remains high  and attractive to  others  who live there and may wish to  acquire property there. Thank you for the opportunity.


Joseph Studnek