Current Members

Lori Hughes, Treasurer/Secretary

I have been a member of the Board of Directors since April 2017 and was appointed Treasurer in 2018. A bit of history; with my retirement from a 34-year nursing career (primarliy surgical and homeland security with a federal law enforcement training clinic), my husband Jim and I bought our home in PMCC July 2015 to be closer to our 3 children/grandchildren in Phoenix, and are fulltime residents. We have lived in many different communities in the past, mostly related to military service or employment opportunities. This includes restoration of 2 different vernacular homes back to their full glory working within local and national historic guidelines. During these life experiences, we learned valuable lessons about home values in relation to area economic health, community growth and development, and neighborhood dynamics.  Our PMCC community is lovely; we have amenities that other neighborhoods do not have and a sense of open spaces.  We have a cohesive appearance, yet do not appear "cookie-cutter".  I believe our current CC&R's have helped achieve this without being so intrusive that individual homeowners cannot express their personalities. Community dynamics change over time; therefore I will also fairly consider future ammendments intended to enhance our community or add clarification to existing provisions.